A day before Sen. Elizabeth Warren's yellow State Bar of Texas registration card surfaced, indicating she hand-wrote "American Indian" on the line that asks about race, I said on the air that I'd give my co-host, Kasey Silvia, $100 if Sen. Warren announced she would not run for president. That's how sure I felt she'd be on her seven-state journey after her announcement on Saturday, February 9, in Lawrence.

Whether that still stands or not remains to be seen. Political analysts are leaning both ways on this question.

If she decides to throw in the towel on Saturday, I can understand why. It would be the correct decision, in my opinion. I can't imagine subjecting oneself to the constant questions she'll be peppered with along the campaign trail. But more importantly, the content of her character is brought into play here.

The last I checked, Warren's camp said she was going ahead with her 11 a.m. Lawrence launch, despite the growing criticism of her latest lying claim about her Native American heritage.

I'm looking forward to handing over a hundred dollars and losing my projection. But my sixth sense tells me that this Saturday at noon, I won't be any poorer but our political process will be.

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