Julia Louis-Dreyfus is a great comedic actress. She was as important to the success of the Seinfeld show and she was great on Saturday Night Live. She has also carried two other shows as the star.

Certainly, the actress has every right to have and share her opinion on the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. But she is injecting herself into the debate as a witness for the woman who has accused Kavanaugh of sexually assaulting her when they were in high school. She has signed a letter saying she “believes” the charges against Kavanaugh, because she went to the same school as the accuser and it sounds like something that happened to girls at that school.

She doesn’t say she knows either the woman or the nominee. She doesn’t say she heard the story about the alleged incident when she was a student at the same school. She just lends her fame and credibility to the charge, because it sounds like something that has happened to females at the private school she graduated from as a teenager.

Claiming in a public letter that you believe a person is a criminal who is guilty of attempting to rape a child is tremendous charge. It is all the more startling when the accused is a federal judge and former White House staffer who is has been nominated to the Supreme Court, and the person making the charge is a famous actress and the daughter of a billionaire commodities trader.

But Julia Louis-Dreyfus doesn’t know much more about the accusations than the general public. In fact, she admits it by saying in her letter that the accusation “demands a thorough and independent investigation before the Senate can reasonably vote on Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to a lifetime seat on the nation’s highest court.”

But why is she demanding an investigation into the accusations, when she has also claimed in the same letter that she believes the vile charges against him are true? Why does she need an investigation if she already believes the charges? Is she planning on retracting her accusation that Judge Kavanaugh attempted to rape a child if he is cleared by the investigation she is demanding?

She is admitting she doesn’t know all the facts, but she is still willing to accuse a person of a crime before getting all the facts involved.

The location and date of the alleged crime are still unknown. The woman making the accusations doesn’t remember when and where the crime occurred. We are led to believe it happened in the early 1980’s, possibly in 1983.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus graduated from the private all-girls school in 1979 and went to Chicago for college and her comedy career. By 1982, she was an actor on Saturday Night Live in New York City. I can’t imagine she was hanging out with kids from her old high school on the weekends. She was actually working on television on Saturday nights when this incident is alleged to have happened.

It is disappointing that a talent like Louis-Dreyfus would feel comfortable making wild accusations against a person she never knew, simply because she went to the same high school as the accuser and knows things like this assault have occurred. We have all heard about horrible things that have occurred in the past, but that doesn’t give us the right to accuse others of crimes for which we have not personally witnessed.

I wonder what Ms. Louis-Dreyfus would say if someone accused her husband of sexually assaulting a child, despite having never met him or the victim, and only was in the same location at one point in time, but not at the time the crime occurred?

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