Can we just chill the heck out here?

It's August and It's hotter than hell. I'm looking for sunscreen, a fan and some new flip flops, but all retail has to offer is Halloween candy and winter coats! Whats up with that?

No, I don't want to try your hot pumpkin spice coffee or your new pumpkin spice muffins. I don't care that you want to be my "Halloween Headquarters." Where are the air conditioners?

Every year it seems that retail is quicker than the year before to roll out the holiday stuff. Let me enjoy my summer! I feel as though I am living in fast forward.

Photo: Barry Richard TSM

Halloween is more than two months away, yet for weeks, the stores have been peddling trick-or-treat candy. Costumes and clothing have popped up, and yes, some are even looking beyond Halloween to Thanksgiving.

Photo: Barry Richard TSM

And (gulp) Christmas!

Photo: Barry Richard TSM

Is this even legal?  If it is, it shouldn't be.

Why can't we just slow down and enjoy the moment we are in? What's the big rush to get to the holidays? They will be here soon enough. In the meantime, grab an iced tea, find a shady tree and enjoy what's left of summer.

Does rushing the seasons take away from your enjoyment of the holidays? Take our poll:

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