WBSM host Ken Pittman, who is also a licensed private investigator, has been investigating the tale of the missing lumber designated for the Ernestina.

At this point, I'm willing to believe that the City made a mistake and gave away the lumber that was intended to go to the rebuilding of the Ernestina. Mistakes happen all the time in large organizations, particularly when there is a turnover in leadership.

The deal to have the lumber donated to the Ernestina from the demolition of the Fairhaven Mills building was made by New Bedford Mayor Scott Lang. He opted not to run for re-election after multiple terms and was replaced by Jon Mitchell. The lumber was stored for years at the City's waterworks facility. The lumber disappeared after Scott Lang left office.

Who has the lumber now?

We see stories in the media all the time of people who find a wallet or a bag in a taxi cab and they return the cash. People find wedding rings and lockets with their metal detectors and they track down the rightful owner.

The lumber that was donated by the developers of Fairhaven Mills was destined for a boat that is an important part of the history and culture of New Bedford. The lumber is an engagement ring or a cash down payment on a house that has been lost by the rightful owner. 

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