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Last night at the Ronald Reagan Building & International trade Center, where the The Deplorables Inaugural Ball' took place in Washington D.C., anti-Trump protesters surrounded the venue and attacked those attending. Think about that for a second. Not just verbally attacked, one Trump supporter and victim had his head split opened by a hurled object and another was sucker-punched after having his hat stolen off of his head.



Can you imagine the news media, ABC, NBC, MSNBC, CBS, BBC, CNN all reporting of "right-wing racism", had this occurred outside any of the many events preceding the Obama inauguration? The pronounced silence is deafening.

As I have said for years, one would be hard pressed to convince me that there is a nastier, more vile group than liberals.

In truth, there was not one individual victimized by those who did not vote for Obama. the only evidence of any inauguration party or celebration, were the tons of garbage strewn all over the those green, "pacifist" sound environmentalists.

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