What will happen to all the leftover toys once Toys R' Us closes?

It's the unanswered question toy shoppers are asking across the nation and after doing a little digging, we learned that the Dartmouth location in Massachusetts will NOT be closing until every toy is sold.

Not to worry though! There will be no furnace or incinerator or even an "Island of Misfit Toys."

After calling over to the Dartmouth location, the store plans on pushing every last item off of their shelves. Unlike the April 21 closing date that has been spread around the internet, the store believes that no toy should be left behind, and will remain open until they are all sold.

Yes, the deals right now might not be what you were hoping for, but with time, I'm sure we'll be seeing some bigger discounts across the store. So keep an eye out, parents!

And remember, it's never too late to be a kid again with one last stroll through the magical toy store.





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