Take a look at the vast majority of the people that represent you in Congress and the Senate. What's the one thing that most of them have in common, besides holding positions of power and being independently wealthy?

Most of them are clean shaven.

There are maybe five or six congressmen across the nation that are sporting full beards. You may have some local representatives or senators that wear facial hair, but it's a rare occasion that a bearded man is elected to a national position.

That's why I contacted Jonathan Sessions at BEARD PAC. The Bearded Entrepreneurs for the Advancement of a Responsible Democracy Political Action Committee seek out bearded candidates that are running for a position with national implications and support them. They, too, are in favor of getting beards back into politics.

So why did beards in politics go out of style to begin with? Listen to my interview with Jonathan Sessions, and see if you can't learn a thing or two about the power of the beard.


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