Not too long ago I wrote a blog about my dealings with a car dealership where the salesman was way too pushy for my liking. Today I am writing about a dealership that is totally opposite! My wife has been looking for 6-months for a new car, she drove all kinds of vehicles to find the right one for her, she finally picked the vehicle she wanted.

There were two dealerships we were dealing with both sold the vehicle but, one did not have the color combination she wanted, the other had the exact car she was looking for. Why was it dificult to make a decision on the car?

Well, the salesman at the dealership that had the car was very nice and was fine, the other dealership that didn't have the car she wanted, the salesman was excellent, the whole staff we dealt went above and beyond any expectations we had. They tried to find a vehicle to match what my wife wanted but couldn't, they spent several hours test driving vehicles with us, not once but a couple of times! I felt terrible that they couldn't find a deal to match the one we ended up with because we really wanted to buy the car from them. When I sent them an email explaining that we went with the other deal, I didn't expect a response other that a quick thank you, but here is what he sent. "Neal, I wanted to thank you and Donna for your time and effort.

At the numbers you describe, it was a great deal for you. I know this was a difficult decision, and this will most likely not be the last vehicle you purchase. I am glad Donna found something she likes, and I know she will enjoy the Touareg.

Please let me know if you need anything or have any further questions regarding the vehicle. Also know that if you need assistance for service we would be happy to help! Thank you both again for your time. It is always a pleasure to work with you." This is the kind of service this dealership offers, can you see why we wanted to purchase from them? By the way the dealership is Tracy Volkswagen in Hyannis and the salesman is Donald Webb.