First off, this has absolutely nothing to do with demons, but it has everything to do with what they call people from your city or town or other locality.

It's pronounced DEM-uh-nim. Kasey's boyfriend, Greg, told her that over the last 4 years, he's become so knowledgeable about Dartmouth that he feels like a "Dartmouth-itan"?

So, if you hail from Dartmouth, what's your demonym? Are you a Dartmouth-ite or a Dartmouth-onian? What about you from New Bedford? Are you a New Bedford-ian? Or a New Bedfordite, a New Bedford-er?

Are you a Fairhavenite or Fairhave-ian? Freetown-ian? Lakevillian, Berkleyite or Taunton-ian?

A person from Connecticut is called a Connecti-ckuter and if you're from Indiana-you're an Indian-ian.

I lived in Arkansas, so I was an Arkansan! Oregonians are from Oregon, if you're from Utah your a Utahn!  And for those of you from the great state of Massachusetts, you are an official Massachusetts-an!

My favorite, though, is a person from Luxembourg is a Luxem-burger! Pass the Luxem-fries and ketchup, please!

Add your thoughts and demonyms!

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