Once in a while, I sail away in my mind with the help of favorite songs, to a place where the music goes in my ears straight to my heart.

I was listening to jazz singer and pianist of immaculate taste and technique Blossom Dearie's lively version of "Rhode Island Is Famous For You." I absolutely love her amazing girlish voice. Do you like her name? She was born Margrethe Blossom Dearie, and the story goes she was named Blossom because her brothers brought pear or peach blossoms into the house, for their mother, when she was born.

Who doesn't love that moment when you hear the name of a place you've been mentioned in a song? I think songs about recognizable places make you feel like you're part of a bigger, shared experience.

So I was thinking, what's your favorite song about a place, whether you've been there or not? Can you come up with some of the greatest place-based songs of all time? Who sings it and what makes the song special for you?

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