Do you know what you have to do if a blizzard comes your way?

Follow some of these tips and you should be golden!

  • The safest place to be during a blizzard is your home or shelter.
  • Try to stay off of the roads if possible.
  • Listen to the radio to hear if there are any hazards you must know about in your area.
  • Conserve your heating fuel! Consider turning down or completely turning off the heat in little-used rooms.
  • If you use a portable heater such as those that use kerosene, ensure that there is adequate ventilation to avoid any buildup of toxic fumes.
  • When you do refuel your kerosene if you do happen to have one, make sure you do so outside and not inside your home and at least three feet away from anything that is inflammable.
  • Do not allow your thermostat to go any lower than 55°F. If you leave your home still keep your heat no lower than 55°F because if will keep your pipes from freezing.

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