New Bedford City Council President Linda Morad is a formidable elected official and a world of speculation is building around her this season.

As of now, Councilor Linda Morad, who represents the whole city as an at-large member of the city council, has yet to take out nomination papers to run for re-election.

There is no question about her ability to win re-election to the city council if she wants to run. She is well regarded by her colleagues on the council as evidenced by her election to the council presidency.

She has one of the largest campaign war chests in the city and an organization of dedicated volunteer supporters who will knock doors and put up signs for her all over New Bedford.

So what is she planning?

While she hasn't officially taken out nomination papers from the city's election office, that isn't the only way to acquire nomination papers. A person can go to the Secretary of State's office to get nomination papers. A person can pick up a spare sheet of nomination papers from other candidates, too.

I'm fairly confident that Councilor Morad is in possession of nomination papers for a city elected office at this moment.

But what office is on the top of those nomination papers?

It could be that she is running again for her at-large seat. She could be waiting to see if she can take on Mayor Jon Mitchell head to head. She could be thinking about running for her previous seat as the Ward One councilor.

What will Linda Morad do this cycle?

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