Advent calendars are a fun way for kids to learn about the Christian reason for the season, the birth of Jesus Christ. The calendar counts 24 days of December, ending on Christmas Eve. The children are already counting down the days as they anticipate Santa coming down the chimney, so Advent calendars are a way for parents to couple their kids' material eagerness with the birth of Jesus.

Choose from hundreds of different and unique variations. Ask your search engine to find assorted Advent calendars and a smorgasbord appears. I'm more about the food-related calendars – to be exact, the classic chocolate calendar. Though you can find Advent calendars filled with just about anything these days, traditional chocolate-packed ones are my favorite.

In our family, Mrs. Claus has always taken charge of decorating the house and purchasing everything imaginable for the children. This year, she bought each of our progeny a nice Advent calendar laden with milk chocolates. The first day of the calendar, December 1, we had all the kids over and I nonchalantly asked Spider-Man if he started the countdown? Like a chorus of cherubs, his siblings began hollering that he "ate all 24 pieces of candy already!"

His facial expression was too funny for words, but I had to bite my tongue not to laugh. This much I'm certain of; that one's not going to be the priest in the family.

Finally, don't be taken in by the flashy, overly priced Advent calendars such as the one from Porsche, which just revealed its 2020 version. This is the world's most expensive Advent calendar, where only one per continent will be available, with a selling price of $1 million. A far cry from a babe in a humble manger.

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