I've always thought New Bedford and Fall River do a solid job of decking the halls (and the streets) for Christmas.

Between New Bedford's downtown lamp posts getting strung with lights, the gorgeous glowing decorations of Clasky Common Park and the Fall River Children's Holiday Parade (which turns 40 next year), the two cities don't hold back.

Add to this the surrounding SouthCoast towns, where Santa is frequently spotted on the backs of fire trucks coming to greet the children in the center of town. Sometimes, like in Marion, Santa will arrive by sea in a small boat. No matter how he gets here, the important thing is that he gets some time with the children and that he arrives via reindeer on Christmas Eve.

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While the SouthCoast is unarguably one of the nicest places to celebrate Christmas, how does it stack up against other towns across New England and America?  Admittedly, we're a little biased when it comes to our home, so we had to go to a neutral source.

Mixbook, a California-based photo book maker, took a deeper dive, putting together a list of the 75 American towns with picture-perfect Christmas vibes. It accomplished this task by polling 3,000 families.

Incredibly, there was only one Massachusetts town that cracked the list. On the bright side, that town also cracked the Top 10.

Stockbridge is the seventh most "Christmassy" town in the nation.

Main Street in that western Massachusetts town was made famous in part by artist Norman Rockwell, who is buried in Stockbridge.

The town becomes "a living postcard during the holiday season," according to the results of the poll, with Main Street frozen in time in that Rockwell moment.

It's enough to snag that Top 10 spot, and just may be worth a leisurely ride to check it out for a weekend in December.

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