Got the chance to watch the new Netflix original movie Pee-wee's Big Holiday today, and I have to say, it was actually pretty good!

Pee-wee's Big Adventure is and will always be one of the greatest "road movies" of all time--it's right up there with Midnight Run and one of my personal favorites, Dutch--and while this new film isn't quite up to the level of Pee-wee's first full-length adventure, it's still loads of fun and is sure to be an instant classic. I'm already trying to work "Let me let you let me get going" into everyday conversation.

But that got me thinking--with Netflix resurrecting Pee-wee Herman as well as the great success they've had with Fuller House, what other 80s icons would be ripe for a comeback on the streaming network?

Certain properties like Ghostbusters, Gremlins and Beetlejuice are already in the works, but here's our poll of some possibilities (granted, it's my list. so it's some of my favorites I'd like to see return, but you can also enter your own). Let us know what you think!


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