(Please ignore the fact that I have HUGE ugly feet and knuckle toes)

A simple trip to Target was bad for my health. All I wanted was a pair of shorts and maybe a nice dress to wear when I go to the Vineyard next week. I ended up getting 2 dresses and 2 stubbed toes. I somehow managed to walk faster than I pushed the stupid cart, so my poor toes took the hit on the wheel. If you look at the before and after photo featured above (Thank God I had just done my toe nails in the before) you can see that the toe next to the pinky toe is slightly swollen. I don't think I broke it, because I can bend it and walk perfectly fine. But it really hurts to put any pressure on that one toe! Phil was kind enough to bring me some "Salonpas Jet Spray." Hopefully that will help with the pain!