By now, you're all aware of the blockbuster, pre-draft trade that was finalized today but orchestrated this weekend between the Boston Celtics and the Philadelphia 76ers. 

Obviously, the big takeaway from the trade is that the C's dealt the number one overall pick, which will presumably be used to select Washington freshman Markelle Fultz, to the Sixers.

But what exactly did Boston get in return for helping Philly snag the missing piece they so desperately need to really put "The Process" in motion?

Well, for starters, Boston got Philly's top pick in this year's draft, which is the third overall. There, Boston will likely select either Kansas' Josh Jackson or Duke's Jayson Tatum.

The second part of the package headed to Boston is a bit of an unknown right now, according to the Boston Herald.

It is supposed to be the LA Lakers' first round pick, which Philly has rights to. However, if the pick lands outside of a small window from picks two to five, Boston won't get the pick.

Instead they'll have to settle for either the Sixers' or the Sacramento Kings' first round pick in 2019. Philly has the rights to Sacramento's pick so whichever one is higher will go to the C's, unless of course either pick ends up being number one.

So it will take a little mix of time and luck to see exactly what Boston has gotten out of this trade and whether or not they made a good deal.


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