Happy Wet Nose Wednesday! Let's talk animals.

There are hundreds of animals on the SouthCoast waiting for a loving family. No animal should have to grow old in a shelter and it is our mission to find these animals homes.

Every Wednesday, we give the spotlight to one lucky animal, and this week, we head to Fall River where a lively dog is looking for love.

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Forever Paws Animal Shelter
Forever Paws Animal Shelter

Meet Porkchop. Porkchop is a 78-pounds Doberman currently residing at Forever Paws Animal Shelter in Fall River, and this sweet boy has not received a single application in 100 days.

"He's absolutely an extroverted social butterfly when it comes to people and he loves attention," said the shelter. "He's been working with one of our trainers every week and he's proven himself to be highly intelligent, eager to please, and even more eager to learn."

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Porkchop has a lot of energy and is still working on his leash skills. His future owner will need to be able to keep up with him and his lively behavior.

While the shelter would prefer that Porkchop be the only animal in the home, they believe he could do well with the right dog with an owner that has experience slowly introducing dogs and can separate them if needed.

Porkchop's forever home should not have cats and children should be at least 12 years old. 

Does Porkchop sound like a good fit for you and your family? Visit Forever Paws online and click 'Adopt' to download the application. Once complete, email it to fpas1@foreverpaws.com or fax it to 508-677-9175.

Porkchop cannot wait to meet you.

Forever Paws Animal Shelter

300 Lynwood Street, Fall River, MA


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