It's Wet Nose Wednesday.  Even though the vacationing Maddie is usually the Wet Nose Wednesday queen, we couldn't let a week go by without highlighting a deserving dog looking for a home on the SouthCoast.

Flynn is a happy-go-lucky kid. He’s excited to meet any new person, greeting them with kisses and inviting them to play.  He'll run right over to you and snuggle up to your legs in the classic lab "C" position.

He is a young, enthusiastic boy who is ready for any adventure with you. He loves to be out in the yard with volunteers, romping around and playing fetch.  Flynn is always up for a good game of tug of war.  Even though he would rather be out in the play yard meeting new people and hanging with his pals, he’s definitely well-behaved in his crate and never barks.

Flynn is 2 years old and would be the perfect addition to a family looking for an adventure partner by day and a snuggle pal by night.  He's on the smaller side for a lab mix, at 45 pounds.

Flynn gets along with other dogs. At the shelter, he's already made some new friends and enjoys chasing and wrestling with them at the shelter.  He's great at sharing toys and attention with other dogs. He also lived with another dog earlier.

How does Flynn deal with cats?  Actually, pretty well. We can say that Flynn will play nicely with a cat.  However,  we all know that cats can sometimes be aloof, so we can't guarantee a cat will be as receptive to Flynn's adoration.

Contact Lighthouse Animal Shelter in New Bedford to set up a meet-and-greet with Flynn.

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