A wildly creative and eye-catching trend is sweeping TikTok as users give their best attempt at capturing their life in the style of popular director Wes Anderson.

When Plimoth Patuxet Museums gave it a try, it certainly turned some heads.

Who Is Wes Anderson?

With seven Oscar nominations and over 200 award nominations in total, Wes Anderson is an American director who has become widely known for his eccentric style. His directorial style is so incredibly different, critics consider him an auteur, or an author of his own genre.

His first taste at success came in 1994 with Bottle Rocket. He would go on to be famous for directing films such as The Royal Tenenbaums, Fantastic Mr. Fox, and Moonrise Kingdom, the latter being filmed in Rhode Island in 2011.

TikTok Becomes Captivated by Wes Anderson

With the use of a melodic sound, tight shots and the phrase, “You better not act like you’re in a Wes Anderson film while [insert the activity of your choice here],” a beautifully light-hearted TikTok trend emerged.

Then, Plimoth Pawtuxet Museums entered the chat and showed the world how it’s done.

In what world could a group of villagers living in the 1600s be inspired by an American director born in 1969? An online world that encourages artful expression and challenges an otherwise “average” person to look at their life through a rose-colored lens.

Wes Anderson, himself, took a stab at the “Wes Anderson trend,” but it’s hard to top a bunch of Pilgrims giving a modern-day trend a try.

Check out Plimoth Pawtuxet Museums' attempt at the Wes Anderson trend below.

How did they do?

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