Is this legal? I just read about this website, it's a site where men can go and donate money for women to get breast implants, and women can go to receive free implants. Charitable men are expected to pay a monthly fee, and in exchange the ladies who accept donations are obliged to provide before and after pictures and remain in touch with the men who donate for six months after the surgery. Donations are held by the site in a trust until the surgery is complete, and then paid to the doctor directly. This brings me back to my first question is this legal?

I can understand why woman who are looking for implants would take the service but why would men want to partake in this service? What's in it for them, a couple of topless pictures of the woman they helped enhance themselves? You would have to be pretty desperate to join, but I'm sure there are guy's out there lining up to give their cash. What do you think?

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