WBSM TV debuts its all-new pet show Positive Pets with MJ.

It's hosted by Melissa "MJ" Viera, the owner of MJ's Pet Training Academy in Acushnet. WBSM's Tim Weisberg is alongside as well.

The show will discuss pet training and grooming methods, with an emphasis on MJ's "Positive Grooming" and "Positive Training" methods.

In this first edition of the show (which was really just going to be a test run, until Tim talked MJ into putting it online), Melissa introduces herself to the audience, gives her background and explains her methods.

The show will air Tuesday nights at 9 p.m. on WBSM's YouTube channel. Viewers will have the chance to call in with their pet questions each week at (508) 863-3763 or in the chat room on the WBSM TV broadcast.

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