Attorney George Leontire sits down with Phil Paleologos to discuss some court cases in the news.

Leontire is a highly-respected and renowned lawyer, most recently in the spotlight as part of the defense team for Aaron Hernandez, and Leontire's team that worked on that case were finalists for the National Trial Lawyers' Association Trial Team of the Year.

One of the most controversial is the case of a man whose execution scheduled for last month was blocked by the Supreme Court. Vernon Madison is 67 years old and is on death row for the 1985 murder of Mobile, Alabama police officer Julius Schulte.

The Supreme Court granted Madison a stay of execution while doctors look into Madison's mental state, after he has suffered from impaired memory, early onset dementia and a series of strokes, which have led to Madison apparently being unable to recall committing the murders.

On Monday, the Supreme Court opted to hear the case.

Leontire also talked about gun control, and well as why he feels Russia is a threat to the United States. Things got really interesting when callers began calling in and arguing Leontire's position on Russia.

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