Just two years ago BJ's Wholesale Club announced their store of the future. Four state-of-the-art locations were opening across the country, one right in Warwick, Rhode Island.

The company said their Warwick BJ's Market store was going to be an "innovation lab" for the brand. The plan was to give shoppers in Warwick products before other stores to test them out as well as new displays and convenience initiatives.

Warwick's BJ's Market location has been thriving for several years, but it was always missing one important BJ's feature - until now.

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In the last few months, several surveyors have been spotted around the BJ's parking lot. Measuring has been going on in the back corner of the lot and now several small cones and a boom truck are sitting there are well.

Nancy Hall/Townsquare Media
Nancy Hall/Townsquare Media

So what does all this mean?

Turns out it means the addition of a gas station to this scaled down version of a BJ's Wholesale Club.

Shoppers have been loving the BJ's Market location in Warwick since it's arrival, but the lack of a gas station was often disappointing.

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For many members it still meant making the longer drive to either Coventry or Johnston to utilize the gas points on their membership, or simply letting them go to waste.

Soon that will not be the case.

Staff say that construction of the gas station will begin soon. The parking lot will be dug up to add underground tanks, pumps will be installed and by fall BJ's members could be saving big at Rhode Island's smallest BJ's location.

So get ready to fill up Warwick, because your BJ's Market is finally getting a gas station.

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