So, the woman who pretended to be an Indian in order to further her own interests now says Vice President Mike Pence is not a "decent guy." And so it goes with the lunacy that is Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.).

This whole "decent guy" business actually began last week when former Vice President Joe Biden (D) suggested that while he has policy differences with Mike Pence, Pence is a "decent guy."

Within hours, some fringe former actress and failed politician called Biden out for his characterization of Pence as a nice guy, and within minutes of that, Biden issued a retraction and an apology. That's it, Pence is no longer a "decent guy" in Biden's book.

Warren, who like Biden is giving a lot of thought about the Democrat presidential nomination in a crowded field that resembles more a bag of mixed nuts, was asked to weigh in on the burning question of whether Pence is actually a "decent guy" or not.

According to Breitbart, Warren told a reporter for something called The Iowa Starting Line on Saturday night that Pence is in fact not a "decent guy." Warren reportedly told the reporter, “I’m sorry. I followed Pence’s history on LGBTQ Americans, and I don’t think that is a decent position. I disagree.”

Warren is referring to the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) which Pence, as governor of Indiana, signed into law in 2015 drawing hoots from some in the LGBTQ community, who took it as a personal affront.

Pence has expressed viewpoints about homosexuals that some may strongly disagree with, including his view that gays should not serve openly in the military. That is his view. It is certainly open for debate and should be debated.

Elizabeth Warren lied about her ancestry for her own personal gain while cheating others of their rightful opportunities. She is in no place to comment on the decency of others and should just take a pass on this conversation.

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