Wareham’s infamous Blue Goo Bandits have returned for the 2021 season and the Wareham Department of Natural Resources isn’t taking their crap any longer.

Last June, the Blue Goo Bandits knocked over porta-johns at Swifts Neck Beach four times in one week, spilling the contents in the parking lot. Spilling the blue goo, the liquid that is part deodorizer and part disinfectant, is their signature move.

The department asked the public for help in any reporting suspicious activity around the area as part of a group effort to “#stopthetopple."

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While no one was able to identify the Blue Goo Bandits, the toppling part of their troublemaking seemed to have come to an end. They are now setting the porta-johns on fire. During the night on Thursday, July 15, the Blue Goo Bandits lit a United Rentals porta-john on fire, reducing it to a pile of melted plastic.

The department took to Facebook to let the public know that this is likely the last time the public can expect to find porta-johns at Swifts Beach.

“And this is why we can’t have nice things………. The blue goo bandits strike again! This was not the result of spicy food! The Port-o-potty located at Swift’s Beach was maliciously lit on fire this evening. We have had them flipped over countless times spilling human waste in the parking lots, driven over by cars, damaged and destroyed, now burned….Most likely they will not be replaced at these locations, we apologize.”

Wareham residents presume the antics are those of out-of-towners and/or teenagers. While most are mad about the possible removal of bathrooms from the beach, residents are sympathetic to the fact that it is costly to replace private equipment meant to provide a service.

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