Police say a Wareham woman broke into a home on Martha's Vineyard and sold off the home owners things at several yard sales.

Michelle Filkins
Duke's County Sheriff's Office

Police arrested 44-year-old Michelle Filkins on charges that she had not only broken into and illegally resided in an Edgartown home, but that she then sold off or gave away the home owners belongings.

Really personal belongings too.

According to the Edgartown Police Dartment's Facebook page, Filkins sold standard household items like pots and pans, linens and lamps. Along with bigger things like Crate & Barrel deck chairs, a Weber grill and  Ethan Allen side tables. She even went as far as to sell off a painting in the house

She even went as far as to sell off artwork in the house that the home owner had painted

that the home owner had painted themselves!

Bold is certainly a word that describes Filkins who the Vineyard Gazette says was squatting at the house for about two weeks. A caretaker eventually noticed the break in when checking on the home which led to Filkins arrested and arraignment.

Her next scheduled court date in May 14th and police are trying to track down anyone who may have purchased the illegally sold items.

Their Facebook tells buyers,

If in fact you did purchase something you are a victim as well and EPD will assist you in seeking restitution via the court prosecution of this case."

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