After a Wareham man lost everything to a devastating house fire last week, his family has rallied around him as they try to rebuild what was lost.

Everything Tim Flood owned went up in smoke, but his daughter Jamie and his ex-wife Kristin Fichtenmayer are determined to get him back on his feet.

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Fire Takes Over Wareham Home

On April 29, Tim Flood and his roommate were playing board games in the basement when they heard a noise upstairs.

“They joked about it and said it must be mice, and then all of a sudden, they heard glass break,” Fichtenmayer said.

The two men ran upstairs, saw a fire spreading on the porch outside, and quickly called for help.

“No sooner did they get out of the house that the fire actually encroached on the home,” said Fichtenmayer.

The cause of the fire is still unknown, but one thing is certain. Everything inside (and out) was destroyed.

Kristen Fitchtenmayer
Kristen Fitchtenmayer

“Both men made it out safely but everything they had is gone,” Fichtenmayer said. “They both lost their cars, motorcycles and all their belongings.”

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How to Help Tim Flood

Jamie Flood is heartbroken for her father and devastated to see 12 years of childhood memories go up in smoke.

“Everyone is still trying to process the whole thing," Fichtenmayer said.

They may not be married any longer, but Fichtenmayer didn’t hesitate to help when she heard the news.

“When you see all that devastation and see everything go up (in flames) in a matter of minutes, it makes you want to help them get back on their feet,” she said. “It’s hard enough just to survive these days, but then, having it all taken away like that, it’s just heartwrenching.”

Fithtenmayer and Flood are actively raising funds to help Tim start over. The two women aim to raise $8,000 to help with the costs of temporary housing, clothes, and necessities, and eventually, to help rebuild his home.

“It’s important to understand that The American Red Cross can only help with so much and insurance takes forever, so we are doing what we can,” Fichtenmayer said.

Donations can be made online to help this Wareham family.

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