A touching tribute out of Cape Cod is keeping a Wareham train mechanic's legacy alive.

Tom Bartholomew, the former Chief Mechanical Officer of the Cape Cod Central Railroad, sadly died back in February and as a touching sentiment, his railroad family has decided to rename a newly-acquired railcar after him. The "Silvershell" train car will forever be a reminder of Bartholomew's hard work, accomplishments, and favorite activities.

"One of Tommy’s favorite pastimes was to swim in Marion Harbor from Silvershell Beach to Ram Island and back," Cape Cod Central Railroad Manager Kaylene Jablecki said. "Those who knew Tom fondly remember his love of nature, the peace that he was known to find when swimming and sailing in the ocean, and his lifelong connection to trains."

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According to the railroad, the "Silvershell" was recently put into service a few weeks ago and has been attached to The Polar Express train ride as well as on Cape Cod Central’s regular-season trains from April through October. The train was previously known as "Golden Triangle."

"We will be ordering a plaque with his photo and an inscription to display inside the railcar as well," Jablecki said.

Jablecki worked alongside Bartholomew for almost eight years and said his absence is felt by the train company and her fellow coworkers. She share words that paint the perfect picture of just how loved Bartholomew was:

"We will be feeling Tommy’s absence for a very long time to come. After eight months, I still find myself sorely lacking inadequate words to describe him. Tommy was one of my closest coworkers. We both worked in the Hyannis end of the Cape Cod Central and Mass Coastal Railroad world and as the Chief Mechanical Officer, he was ultimately responsible for making sure the equipment ran safely and functioned properly. His skilled hands could seemingly repair any piece of machinery. However, it was his huge heart that we treasured and miss immensely. People who knew Tom know that his heart was bigger than the locomotives that he loved. He would do *anything* for those he cared for, and his two precious children were his world. Some of the guys worked with Tommy for over 25 years (between Bay Colony Railroad, Cape Cod Railroad, Cape Cod Central Railroad, and Mass Coastal Railroad). While it was 'only' 7.5 that I knew him, his death left an enormous hole in my life and in my heart. Special people have a tendency to do that. Tommy was truly one of a kind and we will miss him forever."

What a wonderful tribute to both a friend and colleague. There's no better way to continue someone's legacy than to name something in their honor that is directly connected to everything they loved.

"This will be a daily reminder to all of us who loved him and we're lucky to have worked alongside him. We miss you, 'TBart'!" posted the Cape Cod Central Railroad.

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