It’s hard to believe that someone would still try to litter in the days of dashcams and cell phone cameras, let alone that someone would be bold enough to dump something on the side of the highway in broad daylight during one of the busiest traffic times of the day. Yet that’s exactly what appears to have gone down in Wareham earlier this week.

Bobbie-Lee Woodis said she was on her way home to Buzzards Bay from work in Wareham at around 4 p.m. on Monday, February 28, when she happened upon the scene just before Exit 3 on Route 25 in Wareham.

“I had a school bus in front of me, and a truck, and I noticed the truck got in the middle lane, and I know the state has a ‘Move Over Law,’ so I looked to move over, and that’s when I saw the guy on the side of the road beside his truck,” Woodis said.

She said she saw the man take something out of the back of the truck.

“He pulled out what looked like a car hood or a large piece of plastic shaped like a car hood, and threw it down the embankment,” she said. “When I went by him, all I saw was the look on his face, and he looked like he was rushing, like he wanted to hurry up and get out of there.”

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Woodis captured it all on her dashcam, and contacted the Wareham Police Department to report the man for littering. Because Route 25 is a state road, she was referred to the Massachusetts State Police. She said she submitted the video to them and they did acknowledge receiving it, but that she hadn’t heard anything else from them.

WBSM attempted to get more information from Massachusetts State Police, but an email request for information has not yet been returned. Calls to the local barracks turned up no further info.

Woodis posted the video to a local Facebook group, and she said group members told her they’d seen the man on the side of the road, rearranging something in his truck and moving stuff around.

She said she thought it might be possible that the man was just removing it from his truck for safety purposes and was going to come back for it, but said it was still there when she drove home from work on Tuesday afternoon.

“I could maybe see that if his plan was ‘let me go back get bricks or rope and come back tie it down better,’ but he just hauled it off side with no intention of coming back for it,” Woodis said. “The next day, it was still down there along with some other trash.”

Hopefully, whoever allegedly dumped the trash will read this and return to pick it up. We will update this story if any further information becomes available.

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