The historic New Bedford Armory on Sycamore Street may finally have some new residents in the near future, but it's the ones that are currently occupying that space that have me worried.

I'm talking about the ghosts.

The Armory, which was built in 1903, has sat empty since 2003. That's 100 years of hauntings, held in and amplified by the stone structure of the building through something we paranormal researchers call the "Stone Tape Theory" of hauntings.

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts, which owns the Armory, has put it on the auction block many times, but to no avail. There is just too much damage and too much work needed to restore the structure. Years ago, the second floor collapsed into the first floor, and there's said to be significant water damage inside as well.

However, the state recently opened it up for bids once again and this time, Winter Real Estate Investors stepped up with a proposal to turn it into apartments and storage units.

Wait, what?

Don't they know the place is haunted? It was featured in Season 1 of the hit paranormal show Ghost Hunters, and to this day, cast members from that show will say the place truly freaked them out and that the Armory remains one of their most intense investigations. It even caused one member of the crew to quit!

From the book Ghosts of the SouthCoast (written by a very talented and handsome writer whom I won't name here):

"(The Armory) was featured in an early but memorable episode of the SyFy Channel show Ghost Hunters, which starred, among others, New Bedford native Steve Gonsalves. In the episode, Pilgrim Films soundman Frank deAngelis is knocked to the ground when an unseen spirit passes through him. According to cast members, deAngelis was not a believer in the paranormal prior to that experience. It disturbed him so badly that he left the crew of the program shortly thereafter. ...When it was still staffed by the National Guard, the guardsmen would often report seeing a black-hooded figure lurking about in the shadows, and an unseen force that would shove them from behind. Whatever it was also had enough strength to violently slam some of the heavy steel doors within the armory."

So does this sound like the kind of place you'd want to move into?

Actually, 1000 percent yes. To live in a stone castle would be amazing. To live in a haunted stone castle? Even better.

Or am I just a weirdo?

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