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Dow went through the 20,000 point ceiling for the first time in history today. Interestingly, it came on the same day that President Trump signed an executive order enabling the construction of the security wall he so often spoke of, along the Mexican/American border.

He is also signing an executive order to address the so-called "sanctuary cities", who offer various levels of refuge for illegal immigrants, hiding form ICE or other police. Trump's remedy to this is to cut off federal funds from any city with such policies. For the taxpayers of such places, get ready for a serious property tax increase or to do without many city services you are now expecting.

Locally, even New Bedford politicians can't help illegal immigrants who have been incarcerated, as the Bristol County Sheriff Tom Hodgson has partnered with Plymouth County's Sheriff McDonald to report any undocumented person, incarcerated in their prison systems for crimes to ICE (Immigration Customs Enforcement).  Let me walk that back...if the police were directed to release undocumented migrants before jailing them, then the city could harbor without fear of federal agents taking them away.

I would think that particular policy comes with serious consequences under the new regime in D.C.

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