Last month, the Silver City became ‘Dead City’ when production for the sequel to Walking Dead took over Taunton. This month, it’s Worcester’s turn.

The zombies have descended upon Main Street and Norwich Street as production for Walking Dead: Dead City continues on the South Coast, and Paxton native Joanna MacGugan was on site on Thursday to see it firsthand.

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“I have been a fan of Walking Dead for a long time and I found out they were filming downtown, so I decided to park at the library to see what was going on,” she said.

The set was open to the public as crew members transformed Main Street into a post-apocalyptic New York City.

“It was incredible to see them transform everything,” said MacGugan.

Visiting a movie set means seeing production before it's edited with a fine-tooth comb, and MacGugan saw firsthand what happens when a mistake is found on set.

“They built a subway entrance, but they had made a mistake. It said ‘72 street’ instead of ‘72nd street’”, she said. “They realized it late in the game, so they had someone cover it up. They used posters and put graffiti over everywhere else ‘72 Street’ appeared.”

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MacGugan got a chance to see movie magic with the set transformation, but the show’s stars were nowhere in sight.

“They were sneaky with the cast,” she said. “They snuck them through a back door while everyone was near the front door.”

Walking Dead: Dead City continues production in Taunton until Wednesday, and reports of lingering zombies are taking over the town.

Stay tuned for the official release date for season 2 of Walking Dead: Dead City.

Keep scrolling to see the ultimate transformation of the streets of Worcester.


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