So, have you voted yet? Many people have through early or absentee voting. I plan to vote this evening. I like voting in person. There is something special about going to the polls on election day.

I hear that voter enthusiasm is pretty high just about everywhere, including here in Massachusetts. In fact, a recent poll indicated that voter interest among Republican and Democrat voters in Massachusetts at all levels not seen for the midterms in quite some time. So what's driving that interest?

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The governor's race between incumbent Republican Charlie Baker and Democrat challenger Jay Gonzalez seems to be settled, and none of the other statewide races really appear to be all that interesting. Three ballot questions appeal to the base voters most impacted by them, but are not really driving people to the polls.

The only contest that could be generating this kind of excitement is the race for the U.S. Senate between Democrat incumbent Elizabeth Warren and her Republican challenger Geoff Diehl. Warren is looking to springboard into the race for the Democrat nomination for president.

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I made up my mind a long time ago how I plan to vote in this election. I will hold my nose and vote for Baker. Not because I want to, but because I can't take a chance that Gonzalez pulls it out due to apathy. I will vote for Geoff Diehl for Senator, James McMahon for Attorney General, Anthony Amore for Secretary of State, Keiko Orrall for Treasurer and Helen Brady for Auditor.

I plan to vote no on all three ballot questions, preferring to keep government out of hospital staffing and campaign finances, and men out of the ladies' room.

My sense is that Republicans will fare better across the country than previously predicted by the pollsters and pundits. I think they will add to their numbers in the Senate and hang on to the House. I hope reports of an energized electorate are true, and that many, many Americans will vote in the midterms.

I have shared my preferences and predictions with you. Feel free to share yours on our WBSM Facebook page.

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