Here we go again. Florida is in the middle of another potential election scandal, with allegations flying from Republicans as high as the White House suggesting that there may be what Governor Rick Scott calls "rampant fraud" in Broward County.

Scott was the declared winner in Tuesday's upset of incumbent Democratic U.S. Senator Bill Nelson, until last minute ballots began popping up from nowhere and still others were being disqualified behind closed doors. State and federal investigations have been ordered.

Florida GOP Senate Candidate Rick Scott Holds Campaign Rally In Hialeah
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Florida Senate Candidate Bill Nelson Joins In Sign Waving Ahead Of Midterm Elections
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Questions are also being raised as the results in the open Arizona Senate race between Republican Martha McSally and Democrat Kyrsten Simena began to take some mysterious turns yesterday. Why is it that there are still some 400,000 votes left to be counted in Arizona? This is 2018; can't we get results more quickly than that?

Georgia's hotly contested race for governor has still not been decided three days after the election. Why is that?

Voters deserve better than this.

All of the above make a strong case why early voting is dangerous and wrong. All ballots, with the exception of absentee ballots, should be cast on Election Day and immediately confiscated by law enforcement upon the closing of the polls. Voter ID should be a federal mandate nationwide, and all voters issued a federal voter ID card. Period.

The election process is rife with fraud. And we're worried about the Russians mucking it up? Give me a break.

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