Florida is a hot mess. In particular Palm Beach and Broward Counties, but there have been problems elsewhere in the Sunshine State.

There are rumors of fraud, and signed affidavits by election officials informing authorities of blank ballots being filled out by colleagues who put them in the ballot boxes to be counted. In  2012, NBC Miami reported that after investigating, 200,000 Florida voters may not be American, and if so should be disqualified.

A proven non-citizen vote was discovered and presented a few days ago, and Democratic senatorial and gubernatorial candidates Bill Nelson and Andrew Gillum both have stated that the vote should count. From the Florida courts:

A Voter Identification at the polls would ensure everyone is accountable and is who they say they are. Democrats accuse the Republicans of voter suppression, and Republicans accuse Democrats of voter fraud. This plan goes a long way to stopping these problems.

The Democrats say a voter ID card is racist and puts the poor at a disadvantage. Really? Not one can cash a check, get a job, get on a plane, drive a motor vehicle or purchase alcohol or tobacco without one.

What is the first thing out of the mouths of Democrats when discussing firearm purchases? "Must show ID!" I agree, but how does this prevailing wisdom for the Second Amendment get sucked out of the room for voting? How does forcing a lower income woman, who lives in a high crime area, to pay for a valid ID to purchase a firearm to protect herself suddenly become a racist, voter suppressing tactic to have her produce that same ID to vote?

In fact, I'd be okay with lower income folks having their voter IDs subsidized by the taxpayers. Let's just get it right.

One vote per person, and only by Americans who can prove they are who they say they are when they vote. The vote changes the course of our country's direction or maintains the same heading. It is vital to our republic. Voter integrity measures are patriotic, not racist.

One thing Florida should do in legislation in the meantime is to pass laws that severely punish election fraud or suppression with mandatory and serious jail time. A deterrent is needed, as a lack of adults in the county election bureaus is apparent.

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