If it’s free, it’s for me.

A coworker told me about this Facebook group called Buy Nothing SouthCoast MA that was created as a way to give items away that you no longer want or need, but that still have life in them for another person to use and don't belong filling up a landfill. Other SouthCoast residents will gladly take these treasures off your hands.

Buy Nothing SouthCoast” actually extends to Rhode Island residents, but it’s an interesting concept to help your neighbor in need. According to the group page, only two types of posts are allowed:

  • Offering an item for free.
  • In search of (ISO) an item for free.

As someone who is looking to hopefully move into her first home within the next few months, I figured this page was worth looking into. Lord knows starting out and needing everything can get expensive, so I wanted to see if the page had items listed that could help me out. I ended up down a rabbit hole of awesome finds.

I was surprised to see that a lot of people are ready to part ways with brand new or like-new items like a pet camera, a baby walker, and a food saver. And some of the requests are as simple as a young mom looking for cardboard boxes so she can create a fireplace display in her home. This group is pretty cool and I'm lucky to be in it. Be sure to check it out before you go looking for that next purchase. You never know what could be listed.

It’s nice to have things simplified because there are literally no exceptions. So you get right to the point for what you're looking for or looking to pay forward. “Free services (such as scrap metal pickup) are allowed and considered a free post.”

Like most community pages, there are rules that members have to follow. Be sure to read all of them before joining the group.

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