UMass Dartmouth is making some major parking changes to its North Dartmouth campus following a fatal motor vehicle incident earlier this month, including eliminating parking on a large portion of Ring Road.

The move effectively eliminates parking from more than half of Ring Road, which encircles the main buildings of the UMD campus.

After UMD freshman Frank Petillo, Jr. was struck and killed by a motor vehicle on campus on April 6, Chancellor Mark Fuller said some new safety measures would be put in place – some immediately, such as portable speed bumps, speed-detecting signs and more patrol cars monitoring speed.

Others, such as speed tables, raised crosswalks with flashing lights, and a secure pedestrian walkway – might take longer.

Well, UMD is already taking steps toward creating that pedestrian walkway.

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According to an email sent to faculty and students from Vice Chancellor David Gingerella, and posted to Facebook by the UMass Dartmouth campus police, there will be no parking on Ring Road from the Cedar Dell entrance road to the Oak Glen/Pine Dale access road near the campus police station.

The parking ban goes into effect Tuesday, April 18 at 5 p.m.

“This is not a temporary parking ban, this parking restriction will be in effect permanently so that a pedestrian walkway can be created,” campus police posted.

Gingerella said barriers will soon be added to create a protected walking path.

“To assist in providing access to additional parking, we encourage Woodland Commons residents to park at Cedar Dell. We will add more Corsair Shuttles from Cedar Dell to ensure an easy commute to buildings across campus. Other residential students should park in Lot 18,” Gingerella wrote.

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