The University of Massachusetts Dartmouth has joined the national trend of implementing a ban on the use of hoverboards on campus due to the potential of safety hazards. 

The ban prohibits the use of hoverboards, self-balancing scooters, battery-operated scooters and hands-free segways from all campus property, including residence halls and buildings.

In a campus-wide email sent out Saturday morning, Director of Public Safety Emil Fioravanti advised students not to bring hoverboards onto campus when returning from winter break.

The Department of Public Safety also posted the message to their Facebook page to make sure students are aware of the new rules.

Campus Police highlight the dangers of hoverboards, specifically the growing reports of lithium-ion battery fires and injuries due to falling and collisions.

If hoverboards and similar products are deemed safer at a later date, DPS will reevaluate this policy and update the campus at that time.