Update:  Two Fairhaven women were killed Monday night when the car they were riding in slammed into a tree and came to rest in front of 83 Fairhaven Road or Route Six in Mattapoisett.  Chief Mary Lyons identified the operator as 21 year old Brooklyn Cody Rodrigues.  The passenger was identified as 18 year old Meghan Sargent.  She was scheduled to graduate this weekend from Fairhaven High School.

Earlier story:

Mattapoisett Police are reporting two people were killed last night, when the car they were in slammed into a tree at Route Six and Mattapoisett Neck Road.

A school source tells WBSM News the victims are a recent Fairhaven High School graduate and a senior set to graduate this coming weekend.

Mattapoisett Police are expected to release more details later this afternoon.

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