Westport police have charged two brothers in connection with the March 2 break into St. John the Baptist Church on Main Road.

Police say religious artifacts were damaged in the break...others were stolen.

Thanks to a tip, Police arrested 29 year old Martin Cutler of Taunton.  Also, an arrest warrent has been issued for his 27 year old brother, Jesse.

Detective Sgt. Antonio Cestodio tells WBSM News, Martin Cutler is facing a host of charges, including a hate crime: desecration of a place of worship....

Police say most of the religious items were recovered, but many are broken or destroyed.

Sgt. Cestodio says some of the items were found in the New Nedford home of Martin Cutler's mother on Longwood Avenue.  Others were kept in an apartment in Bourne.

Cestodio says at least six more people will likely face criminal charges.