A scary incident unfolded yesterday in New Bedford after one car flipped over with the driver trapped inside. New Bedford resident Richie Gonzalez was in the vehicle directly behind the incident and shared his story with us. He and a group of strangers saved the driver by acting quickly and flipping the car back on all four tires.

“I can’t get her face out of my mind,” said a shaken-up Gonzalez this morning when reflecting on the events that took place yesterday off County Street. “This girl got into an accident and the car flipped over, crushed her arm. I mean, it was a horrible scene.”

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Gonzalez saw the car flip over on its side and immediately jumped into action. He got out of his friend’s car and ran over to the flipped-over vehicle that landed on the driver’s side, hoping to somehow flip the car right-side up by yanking on the steering wheel from the passenger’s side.

“I just started screaming for people to help pushing,” Gonzalez said. A crowd of people formed as they all began pushing on the car, finally getting it to flip back over.

Caitlynne Camacho happened to be in the area and captured this jarring video of the incident.

From the video, you can see the men successfully flip the car back over, but the driver’s arm appears injured.

Gonzalez hasn’t heard about the woman’s condition since yesterday, but without his quick response and the courageous actions of the group of men, this story may have had a much sadder ending.

“It amazes me how willing people are to help others," he said.

I pray for the woman in the car and wishing her a speedy recovery. Thank goodness for kind-hearted people coming to the aid during this scary scene.

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