New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has begun to narrow down who he suspects stole his historic Super Bowl 51 jersey and shared his detective work with the world Wednesday. 

Brady posted a photo of his suspect board, Case 0012: My Stolen Jersey, to Facebook and Instagram, which features some pretty sly thieves and why they made the cut.

Highlights include Gollum of Lord of the Rings ("loves rings," "can't be trusted"), Lady Gaga ("escape ropes???"), the O'Doyle family from Billy Madison ("repeat stealer of lunches"), "Clown who stole Air Bud" ("Who steals a dog from a kid?"), "Sneaky Lil' Squirrel" (aka: teammate Julian Edelman), and even the court painting of Brady's Deflategate trial ("Creepy Me?").

While state and federal authorities are treating this theft as a very serious matter, it appears Brady is still able to poke some fun at the situation.

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