Yesterday 'The Bad Boys of Boston', Aerosmith played a free concert on Commonwealth Ave. in Boston to celebrate their new album out today. According to all in attendance it was a great show, the band was having a blast and the crowd loved it! Aerosmith played eight songs and a couple from the new album. My real reason for writing this blog isn't about the show, but who was in attendance. When a show like this happens, local media gets invited to cover the story, plus anyone who has any kind of popularity gets an invite too.

Among those invited were members of the New England Patriots including Robert Kraft, Johnithan Kraft, Jerod Mayo and Quarterback Tom Brady. Now, we all know that Brady is married to a super model and she keeps him up to date on the latest fashion, but when going to a concert most of us wear a pair of jeans and a tee shirt, not Tom, he showed up looking like a GQ model!

This made a bunch of us snicker, wondering why he would dress like this. I know why! He is a professional athlete that like many including Lebron James that hire a stylist that chooses what outfits they wear. Personal stylists are the new thing that these guys are going with, after all it's not just about on field performance it's how you look getting to and from the game these days!

I can only imagine how Steve Grogan or Larry Bird feel about these stylist, for some reason I don't think they would approve! I know this is the 21st century and these day's it's about image just as much as it is about how you perform.

Normally at an Aerosmith concert the only outfits we would be talking about is the one that Steven Tyler was wearing!

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