There's no question that the weather is making driving more challenging.  As a parent, I try to be very aware at all times. But, as a driver, no matter how safe you are, you can't control how other people drive and you can't control inclement weather (which is the only kind we've had lately).

With the snow banks piled high and the streets being extremely narrow, you will see more cars jumping out of what seems like nowhere. Visibility is definitely compromised. So what should you do if you find yourself in a possible impending crash? An article on has some great tips from a state trooper. When asked what a driver should do if they see a head on collision coming, the trooper responded:

Remember the four  'R's':

  • Read the road ahead
  • Drive to the right
  • Reduce your speed
  • Ride off the road."

Head on collisions can be the most dangerous. Always wear your safety belt and be sure to strap your kids in properly into the right seats for their age, height and weight. If you do find yourself in a fender bender, remember to exchange information with the other party, even if it doesn't appear to have caused damage. And of course, work with a professional to get your car inspected and fixed properly. Find more information from our Collision expert at Carl's Collision in Fall River.

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