Fall River Police make multiple arrests in connection with a series of armed robberies in the Spindle City within the past month.

Ormond - Fall River Police

Lt. Ronald Furtado says on January 17, three convenience stores in the city were robbed within several hours of each other. In each instance, witnesses described the knife-weilding suspect as a white male, wearing a flannel shirt with a scarf covering his face. From surveillance footage and other evidence, police were able to identify the suspect as 31-year-old Richard Ormond of Fall River. Ormond has been arrested and is charged with three counts each of masked armed robbery and armed assault to rob.

Meanwhile, over the weekend two Fall River patrol officers spotted a gray Chevrolet Cavalier driving on Stafford Rd. The officers recognized the car from surveillance footage from two robberies over the past several days.

Brooks - Fall River Police

After a motor vehicle infraction, police stopped the car being driven by 37-year-old Damien Brooks of Fall River. During the stop, it was learned that Brooks' license was suspended, and there was an outstanding warrant for his arrest. Police also found a black replica handgun in the vehicle, which matched the description of a handgun used in several of the recent robberies.

Brooks was arrested and charged with two armed robberies that took place January 20 and 21. Brooks and a second man, identified as 26-year-old Stephen Robichaud of Fall River, are also charged in another armed robbery that also took place on January 21.

Detectives have also named Brooks as a suspect in at least four other armed robberies and expect additional charges to be filed in the near future.