What's happening at our border is out of control and crazy–and you have to ask whether Democrats hate the president to the point that they refuse to provide humanitarian aid by blocking needed assistance, but then pivot and blame Trump for no supplies at the holding facilities on the border.

While this is happening in Washington, in Boston today hundreds of workers at Wayfair's online headquarters plan to walk out in protest because the company is selling beds to the border facilities where migrant children are being housed. What's contemptible is the attitude of these workers and the support they're getting from national Democrats like Nancy Pelosi and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

These border facilities need supplies, like beds, but the Democrats refuse to fund them. Doesn't everyone deserve a bed to sleep in, especially children? While Democrats, including Sen. Elizabeth Warren, are supporting the workers in Boston, I stand with the CEO and decision makers at Wayfair who are going through with their plans regardless of any walkout or fallout.

It's interesting to note that the protesters, knowing they can't stop this, are demanding the company donate the estimated $86,000 in profits and donate it to RAICES. Wayfair told them no.

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