It's come down to this. According to Western Mass News TV Reporter Mary Cate Mannion, Agawam High School is one of the first in the Commonwealth to deploy a drone, a $1,200 drone to monitor students on and near school property. A suburban Springfield school is playing "I Spy" from the sky on students. What an absolute intrusion on life. Mannion says the response she's received from adults, thus far, has been positive. What are grown-ups thinking? Certainly not about privacy, MCAS or tax dollars.

Let's play follow the bouncing drone. It starts at a select few high schools like toni Agawam high. Next, troubled school zones: Worcester, Fall River, New Bedford, Brockton and Springfield beg for more taxpayer dollars to compete for this form of S.T.E.M. technology. It culminates with our favorite Beacon Hill lawmakers making high school spy drones SOP standard operating procedure.

This police state mentality must stop. Massachusetts bleeds red ink and the Governor has a $40 B fiscal budget on his wish list. Spend the money inside the classrooms, knuckleheads, not spying on high school students outside the building. By the way, draining the Massachusetts Swamp includes sucking the guck out of the local level idiots too.

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