There's a group, they call themselves a grassroots organization, that explains that science reveals that it is better for middle and high school students to begin school later. How much later? At the earliest, 8:30 in the morning. Apparently, kids biological clock runs later as they age. They wake up tired and can't properly function. One of the Massachusetts leaders of this group tried convincing me early school leads to morning car crashes by inexperienced teen drivers. Any crash is terrible, but should we throw the alarm clock out with the pillow?

Start School Later says there are a number of groups believing schools should start later. The problem is getting school districts on-board. After a few no's, Start School Later is now enlisting Massachusetts legislators to come up with a bill to set minimum standards. Where have I heard that before?

Let school districts decide if start times need to change. They deal with the parents, bus schedules, tardiness, sports, etc. Keep the state and/or federal government out of this equation. Minimum standards will open the barn door for major over haul. Remember, the Education Reform Act of 1993? In that instance, a majority of the good performing school districts suffered devastating state changes, because a minute number of poor performing districts needed a hand up.

Districts can best effect change if they deem it necessary. Start School Later's Michelle Brownlee doesn't buy it. Since their science isn't convincing local leaders, so her group is looking for a statewide movement. They marched to Beacon Hill with 5,000 signatures. That's a mere fraction of a decimal of students.

My suggestion to parents with kids having a serious wake up problem:

1. Turn off social media at 9:30

2. No television after 9pm on school nights

3.  Lights out at 10:00

4. Remind them that employers won't except your tired butt excuses

Good parents already employing the above, may want to invest in on-line home schooling.

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