When something bad happens, our first reaction might be to become upset, angry, maybe even disconnected from reality. A Tiverton woman knows these feelings all too well.

On April 8, Pinky Potts of Tiverton lost her 2-month-old puppy after it got loose on East Road and was hit by a car driven by an older gentleman.

While the man stopped, Potts never asked for his name. She was distraught and making small talk was the last thing on her mind. In the days after the tragic accident, Potts was devastated by the loss of her puppy but she also felt for the man who accidentally took the puppy's life.

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She took to social media:

On Saturday an old man in a nice car accidentally hit and killed my puppy. She just ran, and he came around the curve, there was no way for him to see her and stop in time. I keep thinking about how bad he must feel. I was screaming and freaking out and he probably thinks I blame him in my heart. I was just wondering if anyone on here knows him and heard, just tell him I'm so so sorry he went through that and we don't feel like it was his fault at all. I don't want him to live with guilt or think we wish badly on him. I feel guilty that he had to go through that. I wish I could just send him this in a letter. I wish I could have been calm enough at the time to NOT freak out and to tell him, it's okay, this isn't your fault, I'm sorry this happened in your life.

I, too, was once in a situation where I was the driver and a dog came from out of nowhere and ran in front of my vehicle. There's no doubt about it. This man most likely feels horrible, despite there being nothing he could have done.

It was simply bad timing, a freak accident.

If anyone has any information that could potentially connect Potts with the driver, write to Gazelle@Fun107.com.

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